Monday, November 28, 2011

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"DAYBREAK" by exist†trace
I wanted to put this in the last post, but I already had my 5. So, here are the flawless rocker girls of visual kei. It's great to see that they're growing and expanding to different aspects of their sound. The video is purely amazing especially the guitar duet. Kinda orgasmic on some levels. I'm really looking forward to listening to the single this week. Keep it rockin', ladies!

"Otoshiana no Soko wa Konna Sekai" by Matenrou Opera
These guys have been a little quiet to me and watching/listening to this PV is refreshing. They seem a little darker and their signature style is maturing very well. I'm really liking their new style and the PV isn't that bad. Congratulations, guys, on making a successful debut in the U.S..

"Doki Doki Morning" by BabyMetal
A good friend showed me this video. Imagine deathgaze music with AKB48 singing. That's BabyMetal sound! It's interesting and almost...enjoyable to listen to. It's definitely interesting to watch, because it's very different from anything I've heard. Thanks, Japan, for bringing two opposing worlds together.

"Tick Tack" by U-KISS
After answering a question about kpop groups remaking their songs in Japanese, I was pleased to see that U-KISS had a brand new song for Japan. Even better it's a good song! This isn't the full music video, but I'm looking forward to seeing and hearing the full version. The choreography is decent, the PV sticks with their Korean video imagery, and the song has a lot of good vocal points to it.

"Get Down" by SUNZOO
I'm surprised no one told me about this project. I thought Clover was a winning rap trio especially with the great Gil Me. Now I have SUNZOO to look forward too! We have Korean rap royalty and a Filipino talent that blend well together to make something amazing. So, hurry up, Tiger JK, and release an album for us! Oh yeah, there's another version of this video too.

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Ah, so that is BabyMetal. Cute feels like the wrong it doesn't. Lol.