Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tae Yang's "I Need a Girl" vs. Jay Park's "Girlfriend"

Jay Park redeemed himself with a new music video by the name of "Girl Friend". After watching it, it really reminded me of Tae Yang's "I Need a Girl" their style is similar in some ways. Doesn't help that Tae Yang recently added a little "flair" to his mohawk. Let's get to the battle!

When I first saw this video, I thought, "Aww...innocent little Tae Yang is growing up to a handsome young man". It's a very easy to listen to R&B song that's a little upbeat and flirtatious, but fun in some ways. There's two three versions of this music video, in case you were unaware of it.

The purpose of this song is quite obvious from the song title. Tae Yang is telling us what he's looking for in a girl. He's ideals, at least lyrically, seem reasonable to me and it definitely makes fangirls (and fanboys) swoon over his beautiful voice. Throughout the video, he's mature, sexy, suave, a little goofy and devious, and confident, especially when he's dancing. G-Dragon's contribution wasn't a waste either. He was a nice little addition to the song and the video as well as 2NE1's Dara.

Sweet, little b-boy photographer Jay Park has spotted the perfect girl and wants to make her his girlfriend. But how does one get her attention when she's clearly least for a moment? You impress her with silky smooth vocals and cater to her hearing annoyances at a club. Why the hell is she there if she doesn't like the noise! This is a really sweet video, at least that's what they say in Korea, I say otherwise >>;, and Jay Park puts on the charm for the fans, even if they might get a little envious of the them sharing a kiss after he surprises her.

Now I'm trying my hardest not to critique either song or video, because I have a lot of commentary to say about both artists and their videos that are suppose to charm the ladies. Unfortunately (or fortunately), this post is to figure out which one of these Korean R&B princes charmed you the most. Is it the shy, mature Tae Yang? Or is it the confident, but suave Jay Park?

Leave your vote in the comment box below or simply pick your choice in the poll on the right hand side! And maybe...I'll leave a comment of who I would choose.

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