Monday, January 30, 2012

Promo: ROACH

[from left to right] Daisuke (drums), Katsuya (bass), Taama (vocal), & Kubbochi (guitar)
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From the land of Okinawa in the year 2003, these four talent individuals joined together to create amazing music. They released their first album, MIND OF THE SUN, in 2007 and their first PV for "Momoiro no Kaze". It was a mixture of hard rock with a hint of traditional Japanese elements, mostly spotted in the vocal arrangements. They became part of the Danger Crue/Maverick family for a few years, until 2010. The band cancelled their contract, released For you, I will and took a short venture in the U.S. On February 8th, they will be releasing a new album called No Reason in the Pit.

I've been following these guys for quite some time. I think it was around the time Girugamesh came into the scene as well. ROACH has a very unique sound that could translate well into America without it blending in too much. Sure, people will have to adjust to the language, but watching the PV for "For you, I will", it didn't seem like people cared. After seeing their latest PV for their upcoming album, I'm really looking forward to seeing an expanded view of their growth. If you're still unsure about these guys, Satoshi (Girugamesh) and Miya (MUCC) have a part in this project. Also, if you enjoy bands like Pay money To my Pain, coldrain, and SiM, then this isn't anything foreign to you.

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