Sunday, January 8, 2012

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"SUNRIZE SMILE" by DOG inThe Parallel World Orchestra
It's always refreshing seeing a j-indies band enjoying each other's company in a PV, even more amusing when they all sing in the song. Think of SuG's "Five Starz ~五枚目俳優~". Something like that. At first, I was surprised how cute it was and that Haru actually looked normal. The PV looks fun and the song is really cute.

"Good to Be Bad" by G.E.M
Around the same time I came across EMI MARIA's music video, I bumped into this sexy Chinese jewel. I didn't know China had this sort of talent. G.E.M is sexy, confident, and has a great voice. The song is a nice mixture of pop and R&B and the choreography is simple and sensual. Perhaps kpop should take some notes.

"Daybreak" by Wei Chen
Thanks to MAMA 2011, I decided to check out more of this guy's music and...I actually liked it. Annoying thing about YouTube are people's silly comments. Kpop fans, stop comparing this song to G-Dragon's "Heartbreaker". The song and video are great on it's own. It has a catchy chorus and clean choreography to keep your mind dazzled for days.

"DANCE" by Lollipop F
I guess electro-pop is a global trend these days. Sure, you might think of all those kpop party songs of 2011, but this song holds its own place with being a great track and an addicting video. The boys have great voices, the choreography is tight, and it's visually appeal all around, despite those horrible highlighter green Hammer pants. Ick! Everyone should keep an eye out on these guys, I think they're up to something great.

"Hurt Again" by HKT
I came across this trio by complete accident. I was watching Koda Kumi's "Ko-so Ko-so" on Tudou and the autoplay went to this intriguing music video. I was impressed and the storyline was so different from most Asian music video concepts. So, I frantically searched the interwebz for the name of the group or some sort of information, especially what language they were singing. Somehow it all boiled down to me finding more music videos on YouTube. Unfortunately, upon further viewing, I was less impressed by their talents. Allow me to ramble a little further, recently, I did a little research on this group and I learned they have a lot of antis. Maybe because they did a "cover" B2ST's "Shock", used HyunA's "Change" music as an intro to one of their songs, and they have a similar group formula as Super Junior, like a HKT-M exists. Think of them as the Tokio Hotel of Vietnam. Pretty much sums up how people view them. So, back to the video, I mentioned that I was impressed by it. The sound of their voices reminded me of those annoying, generic drama ballads they play in the background of episodes, but I was intrigued as opposed to put off. The music video is actually the continuation to "Other Side of Truth", which you should probably watch first. Perhaps these boys will turn their talents around for the better. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the guys, especially the blonde, are easy on the eyes.

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