Sunday, January 22, 2012

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"Super Lover" by MissTER
One of my friends posted this on Facebook and called them the female Big Bang of Taiwan. Yes, they're actually girls...all of them. It's quite an interesting concept, especially for Taiwan. They really have talent too. I listened to their debut album, Boom Boom Boom, and looked at some of their other music videos and a few lives. I can see how fangirls can easily fall for these handsome ladies.

"Kill My Boyfriend" by Natalia Kills
An unofficial version of this video was released earlier and I'm so happy that it's officially released by the label. It's such a contradicting song, meaning the music is so cheerful and sunshine, but the lyrics are not that happy at all. It's kinda comical and the visuals are quite impressive. Natalia looks absolutely flawless and the song is slowly growing on me. I'm really pleased with the changes as well. I hope this'll be her year to shine a little more.

"Domino" by Jessie J
I know some people had some complaints about this video, but I like it. Sure, it sounds a little Katy Perry-ish, but Jessie still has better pipes than most pop talents these days. I enjoy her funky style and goofy dancing. The editing is quite eye catching too and it looks like she had some fun filming it. I hope we get to see her break out of her box more this year.

"DOOM" by Black Gene For the Next Scene
You all know I've been waiting for the full version of this song and PV and I must say I'm truly impressed and excited. I love the talent these guys have, the vocal and musical arrangements were amazing, and the PV is very simplistic yet eye catching. Lastly, I'd have to add the bass solo was badass. I'm really rooting on Rame on this group. I'm loving them a lot right now.

"The Grasshopper Song" by Sunny Hill
I'm pretty sure you kpop lovers are aware of the release of this flawless Sunny Hill video. They've grown up so much and I'm really loving the direction they're going. I hope they never follow the same path as those mainstream kpop groups either. I've probably abused this song and music video so much, since the release, but it's worth it. Unfortunately, Janghyun will be heading off to the army soon. I'm looking forward to his return with the group and maybe he'll have more lines too.

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