Thursday, March 15, 2012

Second Chances: MBLAQ

This is the first official post of Second Chances on the Cult. This was a random idea that came to mind and I asked around to my readers if they would be interested in hearing my trials and tribulations with certain artists/groups/bands I might've disliked or liked in the beginning and now I feel the complete opposite about them. If possible, I will post the music video that turned me off or made me like them and then a music video that changed my mind. So, let's get right to it and I hope you enjoy this new idea. Comments are appreciated!

It was around the time rookies B2ST, U-KISS, and Infinite entered more prominently and into my iTunes library. As you all know, I am a big Rain fan and when I heard about him departing from JYP Entertainment to do his own thing, I was curious. Rain had several projects going on under J.Tune Entertainment, one of them being a new boy group by the name of Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality or MBLAQ. Being the Rain fan that I am, I had to check them out and, honestly, I was disappointed. The costume choices looked like Rain's wardrobe rejects or his leftovers and "Oh Yeah" was a weak, annoying debut track. "Y" didn't help their case either. Therefore, I ended up ignoring them, continued supporting Rain's endeavors until his military departure, and enjoyed G.O.'s vocal contribution to one of my favorite NassuN songs, "O-IWI-O".

Shortly after the release of Hello Baby Season 5 Episode 2 or 3, I watched the boys interact with three multicultural children. Somehow, I fell for their charming and goofy personalities. The show helped me learn the members' names with faces and personality and made me enjoy the series due to their chemistry with each other and the children. This convinced me to give the boys a second chance musically. Coincidentally, a close friend listened to "Stay" three days before I gave them another chance, I believe I had a short negative response, and it ended up being the song that redeemed them for me. I apologized to her (if I didn't, sorry ._.).

So far, I like "Stay", "Cry", "Mona Lisa", and "Run" and I have grown attached to Lee Joon and G.O. Although, listening to "Cry" is a little frustrating because it feels like they're holding back on their vocals. I also remembered why I disliked them in the beginning as well...and I have decided not to revisit or investigate their debut days. Keep improving, boys!

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