Sunday, March 11, 2012

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"Climax" by Usher
OMG! The real Usher is back and I'm addicted! This song is not only addicting, but it's emotion filled and everything that I love about his music is back. The music transitions are smooth, dramatic, and memorable. The video, some like it and some don't. For me, I think it suits the lyrics and emotion very well. You can feel and see the confusion and emotional drawbacks. Simply said I can't get enough of this track. Keep it up, Usher, and leave that dance, electro-pop nonsense behind. Way behind~

"mimic" by Nightmare
They're at it again and I'm loving this as well. This goes back to what Nightmare is good at which is rocking upbeat tunes. I missed this side of the band. Yomi's vocals are still very impressive and the musical arrangement feels familiar yet fresh to my ears. The visuals are very interesting as it has a couple characters and intertwines the story with the band effortless without one distracting the other.

"Like!" by BABYMETAL
Yes, more cracktastic cuteness! From the DDR-esque sounds to the double pedal drums and growls of metal to...deep bass rap breakdown. Yes, I said it, there's a rap breakdown that makes these girls even more "wtf" than they already are. I'm not even sure if I wanna say I'm a fan of theirs or not, they just amuse me so much with their concept, cute appearance, and music. Way to go, Japan! So, get your fox signs up and rock out, cult followers. (>o<)\>/

"Ti Amo" by BENI
The lovely honey blonde goddess is releasing covers and this is one of them by EXILE. It's completely in English and the PV has the dramatics of a Koda Kumi PV, but it doesn't take away from the emotion or delivery. BENI's voice is flawless and she looks fabulous in this as well. Very beautiful cover and I think it's just as good, if not better, than the original.

"News" by Nine Muses
I know you're probably wondering where's the YG at, but, to be honest, I actually was thinking about adding them to the list this week. Unfortunately for them, there was some mental conflicts I have with "Scream" and "Fantastic Baby" that I can't discuss on this post. So, I wasn't a fan of "Figoro", but I really like this song and the video is quite stunning. I was worried this would be another SNSD, but I can mostly distinguish the girls apart if I wanted to start learning names. The song is catchy, but has some vocal depth to it which is something SNSD and a few other girl groups lack. There's a lot of quirky energy and it's light and fun. I know they have a new music video out now, but this one is my favorite for now.

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