Saturday, March 31, 2012

Promo: Lycaon

[from left to right] Satoshi (guitar), Hiyuu (bass), Yuuki (vocals), & Rito (guitar)
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Joining together as a five member band, Lycaon came out with a strong alternative metal sound and equally strong visuals that highlighted each members' distinct personalities. Not too long ago, they released their first full length album, Royal Order, in 2010. Unfortunately, two of the members wasn't happy with the softer direction change and decided to depart. This didn't stop the band from experimenting with their sound and visuals, which has made them grow in the new direction.

I believe a close friend introduced me to the wonders of Lycaon. Their sound, visuals, and concepts are amazing and continue to evolve over the years. They have been a little silent lately, but they're slowly making a return on the scene and I can't help but be stunned by nearly every release. Their latest PV for "Mask" stopped my heart by the natural energy, band chemistry, clever camera work, and overwhelming sex appeal, especially if you watch Hiyuu's interview. With a few j-indies bands I personally enjoy falling prey to the dreaded "d" word, I'm hoping that Lycaon stays strong for years and years.

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