Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Second Chances: M.I.A

I was introduced to this eclectic rapper on The N (or Teen Nick now) and the music video for "Boyz" came on TV. I thought the video and song seemed cheap and chaotic. It seemed like they were promoting her a lot there and on MTV. I was very disinterested, especially live with her odd style and noisy music.

It wasn't until her hit single "Paper Planes" came to the scene and after replays of the song on TV and radio, I became hooked. It had a catchy melody and an amusing, memorable chorus with silly words and gunshots. I delved more into her discography and "20 Dollar" became one of my favorite songs. "XXXO" was also an interesting track that stuck even though the video seemed cheap, but I understood the intention behind it.

Currently, I think she is a rap innovator with good intentions for society, despite controversies and censors misunderstanding her intentions with her music such as "Born Free", which was banned from YouTube. Ignoring her inappropriate gesture at the Super Bowl this year and that horrible collaboration with Madonna and Nicki Minaj, I love her and her unique rap style and what she's trying to do for the world with her charity and educating us with cultural issues. "Bad Girls" is my drug right now.

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