Monday, March 5, 2012

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"Paranoid" by Nightmare
Is it safe to say that Nightmare is back and better than ever? I'll admit as a long time Naito fan that their music has been a bit boring lately and too much anime involvement. I'm so happy to see them do something with more of a punch, musically and visually. It looks like Sakito and Hitsugi are showing off some new tricks too. Not quite flailing and squealing over this, but I can definitely jump up and down with some rockin' fist pumping action. So glad to see you back to yourselves again, boys!

"D-fiver" by downer
I don't think I know anyone who likes this band, but I'm so happy they've been improving over the years and staying together. It seems like they picked up some new tricks from UnderCode bands or something, but mixing it with own hard indies sound. I'm loving it! The costumes almost verge on the bright, cute side, but the chorus is a little like that too. The PV is simple, but it does the job by focusing on the talent...and some strategically placed editing effects.

"In Bloom" by ALSDEAD
Okay, the PV isn't all that spectacular. It's very band centric with a few effects like downer's, but simplicity isn't a bad thing. The song is great and the band hasn't done anything in quite a while. It looks like they dropped the visuals and joined Danger Crue somewhere down the line, which is a great company to be under and grow. I wish them loads of luck with that. The song is very bass and guitar driven and they still kept their unique sound about them with some added growth. Very proud of them, especially with the soulful guitar solo!

"Shine" by Sel'm
New vocalist and new PV. Of course I'm going to miss Tora, but this new guy totally proves himself worthy of continuing this band onto victory. The song is so badass and melodic that you can't help but headbang to the screams, wailing guitars, and thumping bass. The vocals are both soothing yet aggressive which matches the musical shifts perfectly. I also enjoy the dark simplicity of this PV; kinda similar to something lynch. or deathgaze.

"All Fired Up" by The Saturdays
To end today's recs is Big Bang's "Bad Boy"! Just kidding~ lol You probably thought I made a typo or just a really horrible joke. A few weeks ago, I got sucked back into the dance music cravings and discovered these lovely ladies. It reminded of what these kpop girls should be doing if they want to make it here. Unfortunately, I had to break some rules to download this song as it is not offered in the U.S. on iTunes or Amazon. >.< Anyway, the song is very simple and addicting. It's a great party/dance track to purely lose yourself to like dance songs should be. The girls have amazing vocals and I was happy this was not another Pussycat Dolls repeat either. Loving the diversity! Not only are these women stunningly beautiful, but the video is just as wonderful. It matches the beauty and energy of the girls and the music. May I has moar plz? ;o;

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