Friday, March 13, 2015

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

This isn't just a live performance, this is art...this is an experience! This is everything I look forward to being in whenever I see a jrock live. The coordination, I'm impressed. I'm sure this took some time to master the choreography with the audience, but it's better than anything I would expect from an American live. The song is just as fun as the video, proving that you don't have to be visual kei to have fun.

"D.D.D ~Dead.Devil.Dancing~" by Black Gene For the Next Scene
I'm glad this band hasn't let up in the quality department. They definitely have been consistent with their releases and I'm very proud of them. I hope they continue this streak after Sala's departure. As for this PV, it reminds me of D meets Dio - distraught overlord, which is a very good thing. The boys look fabulous and the visuals are very simple, giving the members dual roles in the story. I love the mixture of electronic elements and a very strong bassline that I miss hearing from Rame since the old Vidoll days. It's both fun and dark and that's hard to pull off.

"CRY OUT" by SuG
I'm very happy with this rebirth of SuG since they left PS Company. The visuals and sound are a very smooth bridge from their previous release, "MISSING". The PV is mostly band centric with the guys performing with lots of colored dust and strobe lights, but there is some artistic elements to the video. The repeated drawing of a face and guns on the wall, the members posing in boxes, and the vague connection with a woman and Takeru throughout the PV. I'm looking forward to more releases like this from SuG. Keep it up!

"I'm him" by Mino (WINNER)
If you ask me what I think about WINNER's debut, I'll answer honestly that I don't remember. I could pull something out the air like "I must've not disliked it, but I really don't remember anything about it" and that's the truth, but Mino's solo I remember. Despite looking like G-Dragon's long lost little brother or Mini Me, I remember really enjoying his solo way more than WINNER's two music videos. I enjoyed the simple and playful visuals with majority of the video looking borderline black and white with vibrant colored animations decorating Mino and parts of the screen. I like how the music and delivery have a nice balance of confidence and fun. I hope YG gives this kid another solo because I really enjoyed listening and watching him rap.

"A.D.T.O.Y" by 2PM
Apparently, it took me a year to actually give this music video a chance and I surprisingly enjoyed it. There's very few 2PM songs I genuinely enjoy as they end up coming off try hard, cheesy, or boring, but there's something intriguing about this song. I like the dual melody mixing a smooth, mature R&B sound with bits and pieces of dubstep in all the right places. Although I think the notes are a little too high, I enjoyed the vocals of this song and I enjoy the harmonization between the guys. I like that they decided to use black and white for this video to counter their more upbeat and colorful previous promotional song. The choreography and small bits of story is very sensual, smooth, and subtle. I'm glad they didn't overdo it with such a slow song.

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