Sunday, March 15, 2015

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"1414287356" by THE KIDDIE
It has been a while since I was excited about a new song by this band. Their sound has definitely grown over time and I'm enjoying this experimentation with traditional Japanese sound with a hint of dance pop and rock. The visuals also reflect that. It's a very simplistic look that resembles of photoshoot set with an umbrella, lights, and cherry blossom set pieces while the band members remain the main focus with their instruments and a few props. This is a fun, upbeat, and beautiful song that reminds me how great THE KIDDIE really is.

"Revelation of mankind" by Dir en grey
**WARNING: Graphic imagery**
Remember "Kodou" and "-saku-"? If you don't or have never seen it, I think this would be a good time to check them out as Dir en grey digs up a bit of nostalgia and connects some story arc dots with their latest PV. I'll admit I wasn't exactly excited about watching this PV as I've accepted that their PVs have been a bit lacking for a while. I just want the music, the live experience, and maybe a DVD for the library. I was surprised that they produced something interesting and brought back elements from previous PVs. Obviously, the song is wonderful. There's minimal growling and the melody is very smooth with some great hard to soft transitions. A bit of the old Diru is back, guys~

"You're So Fly" by BTOB
I'm so glad Cube Entertainment gave them something different from B2ST's leftovers for these boys. I still think they forget they have another boy group under their label, but anyway...This is a very fun little video that allow the boys to be as goofy and charming as possible. The video is very vibrant, colorful, and sleek. It has plenty of comedy and charisma from the group and the female actors featured in it. I enjoy the choreography, even if they do the silly Nene dance or whatever. The song is very lighthearted and fun just like the video and I hope BTOB receive more videos that don't reflect back on B2ST. They need their own identity~

Apparently, I like this group's darker concepts. The songs tend to sound better than their cutesy stuff, but I still can't see myself being a fan of this group. I will admit that their acting is a little goofy in places and the chorus is laughable, but I enjoy the mature, slight dark nature of this song. The visuals are very clean and the boys look very handsome, excluding a few moments where they're trying to look like intimidating vampires. I think "JANUS" was a little better than this video, but I still like the direction and concept they had going in this.

"Error" by VIXX
Speaking of dark concepts, these guys have perfected and changed the game when it comes to dark concepts in kpop. This video is no exception with its romantic cyborg story and theatric choreography. The story is very compelling and the choreographed moments don't take away from it at all. There's a nice balance between them. The song is all sorts of perfection with its great dramatics and swelling orchestral moments. Hongbin definitely took my breath away with his deep voice and it would be nice to hear more of it in other songs, but overall, I'm very happy Starlight and I hope the boys keep the momentum going with these flawless concepts, dark or light.

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