Tuesday, March 31, 2015


[from left to right] SHINNOSUKE (bass), AKIRA (vocals), & MA-SHI- (drums)
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DISACODE are a female-fronted visual rock band with electronic, pop, and traditional Japanese influences. They are based in Tokyo, Japan. DISACODE was formed in 2008, by the lead singer and KERA model AKIRA. It took 2 years until band members were found. In April 2010, guitarist DACHI, bassist SHINNOSUKE and drummer MASHI joined AKIRA and thus became DISACODE. (source: last.fm)

Most people know this band through AKIRA and her modeling career with KERA. Last year at Anime Matsuri when AKIRA was a guest, I noticed a lot of fans, mostly girls, were very enthusiastic and excited about her appearance and weren't aware that she is a singer. I was in the reverse position in not knowing she was a model until a couple months before the guest announcement. I found this band almost accidentally. I think I was looking for music for either Discord or Eriscode and the names were similar and there was also a couple YouTube suggestions that caught my interests, so here I am, a fan of their music. Recently, AKIRA has been very active with her modeling and music career. She has become the face for dansou fashion, working on some solo music for anime, such as Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus, and venturing into theatrical productions like Vampire Knight. AKIRA will be making her second appearance at Texas' Anime Matsuri and DISACODE will be making their American debut there as well. If you're already a fan of the band or you're going to be experiencing them for the first time either after reading this or at Anime Matsuri, keep your eyes peeled for some special DISACODE posts here on Muddy Cult!

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