Monday, March 23, 2015

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"Rilla Go" by DGNA
I feel like this group is very underrated and under utilized. They have a ton of talent and I enjoy this unique mix mash of concepts. It's a combination of jungle and city. Perhaps wild animals in the city wild. It might look junky to some, but I enjoy it. Sure, it could've been executed sleeker with a better budget, but I enjoy what we're given. The beat is very infectious and the chorus is extremely catchy and energetic. Don't let appearances fool you, these boys have talent and I believe you should give them a chance with this video.

" (Band ver.)" by Seo Taiji
I'm a very casual fan of Seo Taiji and it's mostly his solo work. I think he's very skillful at mixing rock and rap, which is possible despite what Show Me the Money 3 might say. Anyway, I was surprised that he was releasing something new, which was a great Halloween/Christmas gift of sorts. The song has a slightly playful electronic rock melody that has some interesting haunting sounds that make the ghost rise and send goosebumps on your forearm. I enjoy the transitions from the fun to sudden hard rock sounds and the vocals are very subtle, but aren't overpowered by the music. They have a very confident and emotional tone to them.

"Stress Come on!" by Big Byung
So, I think this is a gag group from a show called Hitmaker, but I could be wrong. I've never watched it, but I'm a fan of all the groups that are represented here: BTOB, GOT7, and VIXX. I know this music video is nothing special, but it feels like everything. The lyrics are hilarious and the delivery is just...perfect. It looks like the boys had a lot of fun putting this video together and I can feel their pain with all the stresses of life. This is definitely a good pick me up when you're having a rough time.

"BORN HATER" by EPIK HIGH feat. Beenzino, Verbal Jint, Mino (WINNER), and B.I. & Bobby (iKON)
I know a lot of people were talking about this music video when it first came out and I'm a little late to the party posting this, but whatever. I did enjoy it when it came out and it kinda made up for that underwhelming comeback under YG. I really enjoy concepts that involve the 7 deadly sins, especially when they're done well. Even though the aspect ratio of this video might bother me for the first couple minutes, it doesn't take long for the content and lyrics to distract me from it. I look forward to listening to their material on this album, thanks to this video.

"War of Hormone" by BTS
Ever since their debut, I've been very impressed with this group and I'm looking forward to sharing my full thoughts about them in a special post I've been working on for a few days. Let me zoom in on this video though. I can easily see Block B doing this same video, but it still feels very fresh and super enjoyable. The song is fun and the boys look like they're having a blast with the choreography. I enjoy the semi-monochrome color scheme of the video and the faux one-shot shooting of the guys showing off their charm and personality as they sing and rap to us in different scenes. This definitely is a video and song I could listen and watch over and over again.

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