Monday, April 2, 2012

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"French Virgin Party + Battaille!" by Glen Check
Who needs fancy sets and vibrant clothes when you can do some clever furniture tricks, get a blank screen, and use some retro 90s lighting effects while the band members jam out. Yes, I found this through the k-indie playlist brought to you by EatYourKimchi. Occasionally, they pick some good ones. This mixes retro electronic sounds and good old lounge rock together. It starts off as one simple song with a drum machine, drums, and good old bass notes, then the party really kicks off when the title screen shows up. It's really catchy, simple, and easy to listen as well as move around to.

"Painkiller" by SPICA
Have I mentioned how much I love this group already? There's been some comparisons to 2NE1's "Ugly" (or maybe it's "Lonely"), either way I think this way better than both of those songs combined. Just a little reminder, I wasn't very fond of either of those anyway. This song has a powerful R&B beat that really emphasizes the emotion of this song and the vocals are astounding! The girls aren't the most flashiest of dancers, but I think it worked well for this song. Even if there wasn't any choreography, this video would still be amazing. I think I have a little crush on Boa Kim. Keep going strong, ladies!

"Hot Right Now" by DJ Fresh feat. Rita Ora
Throw in some retro 80s gear, street tagged scenery, and the most simplest form of dance music and you have this song. It has a little reggae thrown in there too, but the lyrics pretty much sum a lot of how music fans are when it comes mainstream music. This is a nice feel good, dance song which could be borderline generic but still enjoyable. Rita Ora is quite a pretty young woman and I'm curious what the rest of her material sounds like in the future.

"Platinum Shoes" by NOISEMAKER
I discovered this band on my Facebook feed from a friend. I clicked on it and I liked it, so I checked out their mini album. Pure love! I believe it's on my list of reviews. Hopefully, I'll be back in the groove of dishing those out to you guys. Anyway, this is one those generic warehouse settings, but they throw in a couple outdoor shots and keep the warehouse scene interesting with some clever camera angles. The music is very familiar and people who don't normally listen to jrock can easily appreciate the sounds these guys are putting out. I also really enjoy this guy's voice as well. It kinda reminds me of ROACH's Taama in ways, but softer.

"RUN" by Mizu Natsuki
[If embed does not work, click here to watch]
This video was introduced to me by a very good friend and I wish I could find the mp3. ;~; Anyway, this former Takarazuka actor kills her audience with her amazing voice, great, simple choreography, and powerful personality and charisma. I love seeing women in such androgynous roles, but still maintain their femininity in subtle ways. This song is very dramatic in music, setting, and vocal arrangement that it leaves you in awe by the seemingly effortless theatrics.

"Baby I'm Sorry" by B1A4
*sings* "I'm so curious, yeah~" *clears throat* Not a fan of this group in the least. A lot of their songs (at least ones that have videos) lack punch and just remind me of a lesser Block B, but this song and video is actually pretty good. The music is nice, even when it breaks down to the simplest form as generic as it sounds. The vocals are really good as well. Although, I wish there was less autotune. It would've made the song better...unless the guy really has some bad vocals, I don't know. The video is pretty interesting as well more than their past stuff, but I wish it was less recycled shots and scenery from other kpop groups. Maybe next time?

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