Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"Every Single Night" by Fiona Apple
It's been so long since I heard from this unique talent mostly known from the late 90s and I think she has perfect timing with her comeback. Unfortunately, the younger generation is going to be arguing with my generation over the newcomers such as Lana Del Rey or Adele, but Fiona was first. The song is quirky yet charming. The video is very artistic and abstract just like the Fiona I've grown up with. People who know her talent predict that she'll be conquering the charts and I'm really hope she will since her strong vocal talent and lyricism is still on par.

"Electric Shock" by f(x)
Despite my delay on posting this, I'm glad I could include this on my post. I haven't listened to the mini yet, but this gives me high hopes that SME wasn't lazy with the girls this time, especially since it's been so quiet. The video isn't anything elaborate. We still have those random brightly lit rooms but the choreography is on point and I am beyond happy that they pumped up the girls' image and gave Amber some individual singing parts as oppose to rapping. Now I'm wondering if they'll let her break out of her tomboy role a little too in the future. I'm looking forward to listening and possibly reviewing their latest release.

"Manashiki Sei no Guui almost equals Shi no Imi" by NEGA
Imagine Dir en grey's epic arrangement from "VINUSHKA" and the GazettE's serene "Chizuru" meshed together with the signature dark stylings of NEGA and you have their latest PV for their second album. I'm convinced that this band is near flaw free. The visuals can be a little on the low budget end, but it goes with the Under Code style. The music is very grand like "VINUSHKA" with its melodic sound and intense punch during the long journey of notes. I'm really pumped for this album and so far they haven't disappointed me.

"FRUSTRATE ME" by SoundWitch
I was trying out new bands that I've heard around the internet and ended up watching another PV by this band. It's female fronted and pretty wicked actually. They remind me of a mix of probably Lacuna Coil and Head Phones President. I could be a little off on that, but it's something like that and I like it. The video switches from a pole dancer, to the singer doing these photogenic shots in black and white, and the band playing in this atmospheric lit area. The sound is dark, distorted, and strangely alluring. I'm looking forward to trying more of their music soon.

"Iris" by cocklobin
I was on the fence about posting this one. Not because it's a bad PV, but because the advertisement for their first album blocks the bottom half of the video. It's very basic band centric sepia/natural tones that remind me of ClearVeil in a sense, but it's a great PV with a powerful sound. I'm glad they're getting their faces out there with videos. I thought it would be years before I would see a PV from them and I didn't know they had one before that. Nonetheless, I am really looking forward to their first album.

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