Monday, June 25, 2012

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"Lights Out (Go Crazy)" by Junior Caldera feat. Natalia Kills & Far East Movement
You should all know that I'm in love with the underrated Ms. Kills and I like Far East Movement too. I don't know how I missed this fantastic song, let alone music video. Thanks to the Prophet Blog, I've purchased this little gem and abused the replay button for the past couple weeks. The video is pretty simple, but has just the right impact to match the mood and pace of the song. Looking forward to more music from all three artists.

"Shot You Down" by Florrie
I've only heard one song by her through and this was also posted on Prophet Blog. I wasn't sure whether I'd like it or not since I haven't really explored much of her music. It's a simple down beat dance track with repetitive lyrics, but it's somehow effective for the genre. The delivery and execution is powerful, artistic, and intriguing. Very modelesque~

"Pretty Enough" by Verbal Jint feat. Sanchez of Phantom
I know I just said that I'm in love with Natalia Kills, but I'm sorry that a different, perhaps emotional part goes to Verbal Jint and his newest masterpiece. I already fangirled to a certain friend on how beautiful and creative this song and video is. I love the concept and lyrics so much that I almost was brought to tears on the shear beauty. The last song that made me feel that way was Daichi Miura's "4am" and that sealed the deal for me to buy his latest album. Sanchez's voice also compliments Verbal Jint's rap and I hope there's a Phantom debut in the near future. Definitely looking forward to listening to this album. I'm sure it's flawless.

"Headbangeeeeerrrrr!!!!!" by BABYMETAL
The jpop/metal girls are back with a "bangover" of a song for the fans (and haters). They're still quite unpredictable, but still entertaining in my mind. I instantly fell for this new release from the sweet beginning transitioning to the hard rocking handbanging moment. I was so tempted to join! The guitars are pure love to my ears and I think I want to see these girls live one day. Maybe even learn a dance or two. I feel a little guilty, but it can't be helped. Japan is so odd sometimes.

"Love Again" by 2BiC feat. Ailee
I've never heard of these guys before, but I'm truly impressed that this is the first song I've heard of theirs. I'm slowly boarding the Ailee train and I was shocked that was her rapping in this song. It sounded like a totally different girl like one of those idol rappers (one of the good ones). Anyway, these guys have amazing voices and the video is quite classy, despite a couple moments that could've been omitted. I think these guys could fit in in America with material like this.

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