Friday, February 28, 2014

Promo: A*M*E

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A*M*E began her musical adventure as a teenager when she joined her high school's choir. She started by performing covers from Rihanna and Justin Timberlake and eventually got recognized by producer Andy Gilbert. From there, she released a couple songs and her first single, City Lights. "City Lights" became a viral hit and soon she released two more singles, "Ride or Die" and "Find a Boy". It wasn't until "Play the Game Boy" was released that she received more commercial recognition. By 2013, A*M*E joined Epic Records collaborated with Duke Dumont and made her second commercial hit, "Heartless". As a kpop fan, she also wrote f(x)'s "Beautiful Stranger" and SNSD recorded her track, "Fugitive". Aside from being a singer and songwriter, she also distributes her own fanzine.

I found out about A*M*E on a blog formerly known as The Prophet Blog with the song "Play the Game Boy". I didn't know much about her until I had to make this post, but the little tidbits I picked up made the video for that song make more sense. Her being a fan of kpop fan doesn't really do much for me on the cool meter, but it is kinda cool and interesting. When Chad Future was trying to make his place in the genre, I felt like A*M*E would be better at it without pandering to the fans so obviously and losing her own style. Of course, a Korean American would be better suited to bridge the gap on that. Anyway, it's a little challenging to find her music and she hasn't released any albums yet. From what I've heard, she has a decent range of style and definite talent. I hope she continues on this great path.

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