Sunday, February 2, 2014

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"30SEXY" by (Bi) Rain
I don't care what anyone says, but I love this song and this video. Bias aside, it's quite simple and gives the kpop genre a refreshing slick and mature approach. The choreography might not be the most complicated thing, but it fits the tempo and confident attitude of the music. Rain definitely hasn't lost his touch in his moves and his vocal range. I can't wait to listen to his album completely.

"ZOTTO MOLA" by Gary (LeeSSang)
I love LeeSSang, so naturally I was excited about this solo project. Similar to Rain, Gary did a double single promotion and I'm sure one is gonna get some huge racial debates over...that I'm not gonna discuss here. This might be boring to some, but this was Gary's vision and it feels just right for this slow building, dramatic, and old school sounding song. It feels poetic and forces you to engage in the words occupying the visuals. I'm really looking forward to hearing this whole project.

Now that the band has taken a break and Takeru got whatever he needed to get out of his system with Uwakimono, we can get to real Heavy Positive Rock this band is known for. This is a comeback, kpop fans! I think this what the band wanted to do while in PS Company and now they are free to take their music to the next level. I'm definitely excited to hear their new release under the new label.

"SUSTAIN THE UNTRUTH" by Dir en grey
Despite this video being almost completely band centric, with bits of random scenery shots and live footage, there's something about it that seems a bit poetic in the new footage. The dramatic hand movements, thoughtful slow motion placement, and then there's the song. It's quite amazing. I really like the melody and transitions throughout the song. It doesn't have too much screaming and squealing either. Great atmosphere and tone. I'm looking forward to listening to the new single and slowly getting pumped for whenever that next album is released.

"Manyo Maash" by Puer Kim
I didn't expect to like this song or video, but obviously I did, otherwise it wouldn't be in this list. This video has some great simplistic visuals and substance that support the lyrics and tone of this song. It's very straightforward and makes you think about the industry and whatnot. The song is very easy on the ears and has a nice, catchy melody to it without sounding generic. I'm curious what the rest of her material will sound like.

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