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Q&A and Press Conference: Blood Stain Child

During A-Kon 22 weekend, I had the opportunity to attend the fan Q&A and press conference. So, here are majority of the questions compiled together for your enjoyment. Forgive me for the massive delay.

Band members
Sophia: vocals
Ryu: guitar
G.S.R: guitar
Ryo: bass/vocal
Aki: keyboard/programming
GAMI: drums

What did you think of your performance last night?
Sophia: It was incredible and there were so many people. It was exciting.

What is the meaning behind your name?
We had a symphonic style and we wanted a dark sounding name. We thought about using the past tense of "stain", but it didn't sound right.

What made you decide to make Blood Stain Child?
Aki: Ryu's brother and I were friends, I met Ryu, we played around, and then formed a band.

What is your most remarkable memory?
Sophia: Last night.

Who are your biggest influences?
Ryu: X Japan, Luna Sea, and Evanescence
GAMI: Luna Sea, Ones, and Motley Crue
Aki: Linkin Park and TM Company
G.S.R: T.M. Revolution and Evanescence
Ryo: X Japan, Luna Sea, Slipknot, and Aerosmith
Sophia: Lareine, Malice Mizer, & Smashing Pumpkins

What is your favorite anime?
Ryu: Gundam, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Evangelion, but I like many series.
Sophia: Toradora, Fist of the North Star, Dragonball, & Evangelion

What have you learned from travelling overseas?
Ryu: The people outside of Japan are kinder.
GAMI: I agree, I remember needing a smoke and someone gave me cigarettes.
Aki: Sometimes flights get cancelled.

Sophia - You're from Greece, was it hard to adjust to new surroundings?
Sophia: In Greece, they show more skinship (i.e. hugging, holding hands), people go at their own pace compared to the rush of Japan, and everyone is pretty warm (personality).

Ryu - How did you get involved with modelling for Chantilly?
Ryu: I like fashion and I previously modelled for Metamorphose. It gave me the opportunity to work with Chantilly.

You've had members come and go, how do you push forward without losing yourself?
Ryu: Of course members come and go, but it's important to get along with band members. If you share the same vision, you can move forward.

Now that you've been to the U.S., will you come back?
We definitely want to come back.

What's the difference between Japan and U.S. performances?
Ryo: The excitement of the crowd. U.S. fans are crazier than Japanese fans. The U.S. audience are also very warm and it makes me so happy I wanna cry.

How does it feel to be a European female in a male dominated scene?
Sophia: I like challenges. I get bored easily and I do things that scare me. I find it amusing, but I enjoy the male dominated scene because I've always been a tomboy.

What is your zombie plan?
Aki: I would become a zombie to stay alive and a make a zombie band. I believe people would come.

What bands would you want to tour with?
Sophia: Lariene
Ryo: Aerosmith or Slipknot
G.S.R: I'm interested in performing with various bands of various genres.
Ryu: XDD "After Class Tea Time" anime

How do you resolve musical differences while making songs?
We don't have problems.

Sophia - Are you close to your bandmates?
I have fun. I feel like they are brothers and I wouldn't be in a band if we weren't close.

How do you overcome struggles?
Sophia: I had to overcome stage fright. I made it my motto that "failure is not an option".

What do you do on your free time?
Ryu: Watch anime (all agree)

How do you decide on your unique looks?
We may appear different, but we all play a part and we all move around different places to promote the band.

How did it feel transforming Studio Ghibli songs to metal?
We did 2 songs in 3 days, which wasn't hard. We took what came naturally and recorded. We kept the melody the same, but we did whatever to the rest of the songs.

Ryo - How do you keep your voice trained after screaming?
Smoking tobacco is my voice training.

How does it feel knowing fans are nervous or scared around you?
Ryo: We're just as nervous. Just talk to me.

Do you have any advice for starting a band?
Stay friends with your bandmates.

How did you pick up your instruments?
Sophia: When I was 4 years old, I played piano and later I picked up guitar. I was scared of singing.
GAMI: I started with guitar in a previous band. Their drummer sucked and I said that I could do better.
Ryo: I wanted to play guitar, but Ryu told me to "knock it off" and play bass. I thought it was the same as guitar but easier with only four strings, but it was harder.

What would you be if you weren't musicians?
Aki: I would live my life as a zombie.
Ryu: Anime character
GAMI: Motorcycle racer
G.S.R: I would play video games all day.
Ryo: Despite my looks, I would be a florist.
Sophia: I was supposed to be a lawyer. Maybe I would be a hotel manager.

Sophia mentions that Blood Stain Child is the first band she's ever been a part of and that this was her 10th live.

What do you think of the fans outside of lives?
Sophia: They're always smiling, bright, enthusiastic, and positive.

Do you bands like Dir en grey or deathgaze as rivals?
Ryu: They don't make music like us. No one sounds likes us. We all go our own way.

What is a goal you have?
Ryu: Write anime songs.
Aki: Come to Texas for a oneman.

What was your reaction when coming to the U.S.?
Aki: I was really happy. This is our first time in the U.S. and we were stuck in Los Angeles for 8 hours because the two flights were cancelled to get here.

Sophia - When did you learn Japanese? How long did it take you to learn it?
6-7 years ago in Greece. I never learned kanji. I love learning Japanese, but not kanji.

How hard was it starting off with other bands?
There were lots of lives in Tokyo, which most bands do that. We put out flyers and promoted online. We don't do anything different from other bands.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
[This question was asked at both the press conference and fan Q&A. Most of the answers given were different, so I combined the two.]
Ryu: Become an anime character and travel through space
GAMI: Machine gun riffs and have Hercules' strength
Aki: Drymon's magic pocket and to speak English
G.S.R: I would be a monster hunter with armor and weapons.
Ryo: End war and world peace. I would also like to speak English.
Sophia: I would be Superwoman

How did you come to mix hyper-metal-trance?
Ryu: In the beginning, my goal was to mix metal bass and trance sound. Ryo makes the bass parts and passes it to Aki for the electronic sound.

Sophia - How did you become a member?
I started off being a visual kei promoter. I hung out with Ryu and told him about being a musician, then Ryu requested a demo.

What inspires your individual fashion?
Ryu: Anime, cosplay, cute things
GAMI: I'm not picky. Anything black
Aki: Same, but not black
G.S.R: Host club styles and brown
Ryo: I want to be the opposite of Ryu, so heavy rock styles.
Sophia: Fairy tales

How does adding female vocals change writing or sound of the music?
Ryu: It expands the possibilities.

What are your future goals?
We have an album coming out soon and we would like to travel overseas more.

Are there any sibling rivalries?
Ryu: I think of Ryo as a band member, not a brother.
Ryo: Sometimes it's case by case.

Could you tell us a tidbit about the member next to you?
Ryu: (about GAMI) He likes anime
GAMI: (about Aki) We do crazy things together.
G.S.R: (about Ryo) He's a beast!
Ryo: (about Sophia) She's a beast.

What was your childhood dream?
Ryu: Mangaka
GAMI: Biker police officer
Aki: Same
G.S.R: Play video games all day
Ryo: Police officer. When I was little, I took judo and was second dan.
Sophia: I wanted to be a voice to be heard metaphorically and help people.

Ryu mentioned that his parents ignored his dream of being a rock band and tried to persuade him. Eventually, they gave up. He started off wearing band shirts and had a heavy metal look.

Who would you do a twomen live with?
Ryu: After Class Tea Time (K-ON)
Aki: Anyone, whether it be Bon Jovi or a cover band.
G.S.R: TM Revolution
Ryo: I would want to do a world tour with Slipknot.
Sophia: Lariene or Malice Mizer

What's different about being overseas (specifically U.S)?
G.S.R: There are a lot of TV channels.
Ryo: Deeper tubs
Sophia: There is a broader way of thinking.

How did you get a wrestler to use your music?
Ryu: The wrestler contacted us via email and asked us to make it. He wanted a certain way.

What do you think of American food?
Ryu: The burgers are enormous! I can only eat a fourth of it.
GAMI: There are so many sweet things and the meat is good.
Aki: I only ate steak and burgers. I like it.
G.S.R: I had meat everyday and I want some miso soup.
Ryo: Morning, noon, and night...all meat. I want to live here!
Sophia: I love American food, but I don't want to get fat.

Can you give a final message to the fans?
Ryu: We receive a lot of messages on the internet on our MySpace, email, and Facebook. Please continue sending us messages.
GAMI: We want to keep hearing from our fans.

Sophia: Thank you for coming out and we hope to see you soon!

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