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Live: Bad Blood Tour

Bad Blood Tour
[2012.03.16] Trees in Dallas, TX
featuring: The Orange, FANTASMA, One-Eyed Doll, & Orgy

The Orange

I remember looking these groups up months before the show, but for the life of me I couldn't remember what they sounded like. I just remember a vague impression about them, but mainly I focused on how excited I was to see Orgy live...despite the drama with their original members. Anyway, The Orange was a pretty good band. They had this mellow, relaxing, fun rock to them like maybe...Maroon 5, but not quite. They are a five piece band, but one of their members played tambourine. I thought he was pretty cute, but I think he's gay. =X My friend was quite fond of the vocalist, but he reminded me of Craig from Degrassi. Nonetheless, we both enjoyed the music a lot, the vocals were nice, and I liked the whole tambourine addition to a rock band. We were moving throughout their whole set. Their final song, I believe, the tambourine guy went off stage and they brought out a special guest. It was an older gentleman with a harmonica who toured with BB King (and some other people, I guess they weren't worth mentioning =X) and they really got down with their sound. Great collaboration!


Before they started their set, I admitted to my friend that there has be one bad band out of the openers and I predicted they would be it. I was completely judging by the name and I remember liking One-Eyed Doll even though I didn't remember what they sounded like. The curtains opened and the stage had minimal lighting to it. It was a four member band and the vocalist played some sort of drum for a couple songs for emphasize, but it seemed pointless as it was drowned out by the other instruments. My friend and I couldn't help but be distracted by the sexy guitarist. He was quite a sight for sore eyes and he was on our side of the stage too. When he smiled, omg, we melted like a bunch of fangirls at a Super Junior concert. The music wasn't that bad, we liked it, but the vocals we could've lived without. In some places with the growling, it felt like he was trying too hard to be dark and live up to their band name. On the other hand, I enjoyed the vocalist's personality. He seemed very friendly on stage and had this Tron looking light up jacket, which I didn't get the whole point of it. There were a couple unnecessary effects: the jacket was one and the strobe/laser lights. They were kinda cool, but didn't look as great when you're really close to the stage. Somewhere in the second half of their set, this woman in practically lingerie jumped on stage (same side as our sexy tatted guitarist) and started dancing. I totally wanted to unsee all of that. I noticed her in the audience before she joined the band and pointed her out to my friend. She had a hot body, but she had way too much make up on. It made her look like she was in her mid-40s or something. My friend guessed that she might be connected to our guitarist crush in some way, but we really hoped not. He could do better!

One-Eyed Doll

With my vague memory of this band, I remembered there weren't a lot of members, I liked what I heard or at least thought they sounded interesting, they were female fronted, and I enjoyed their concept...whatever it was. I told my friend my thoughts about them and soon the curtains opened. Kimberley had the cutest voice. It was like storytime for little kindergartners or something. She started off wearing this Mary Poppins hat and introduced herself all happy like like "My name is Kimberley" and the audience would reply "Hi, Kimberley~" with a big'o wave, then she would do the same for the drummer. She opened up with a song dedicated to all the crazy people out there called "Committed". It sounded odd at first, then she growled and black hair was flying every where. Unfortunately, they had some technical difficulties from the start and she re-did everything, joking about the equipment handling and lack of funds. Despite that, they made it up with their energy and uniqueness. It was like Ariel from The Little Mermaid and some goth rock. 'Twas awesome! She would tell us a story with a different hat between each song and really interacted with the audience more than the previous two bands. We even had a little sing-along with "Be My Friend" which was cute, but creepily fun. Since I'm not completely familiar with all of their material, here's some of the songs they played:
Be My Friend
Plumes of Death


Looking back at the audience, I noticed the venue was filled out and there was no turning back. Not that we wanted to, but we were tempted to switch sides. It felt like forever, but they finally made it on the stage and crowd went wild when Jay graced his presence on the stage like the cocky bastard he is. There were these LED or something lights in the background making these cool effects with each song. They had a couple level issues with the microphones, but it didn't take away too much from the show, even though Jay seemed a bit frustrated in the beginning. They brought a lot of energy for being the new generation of Orgy. One of their members couldn't make it due to personal issues, but I think one member on our side of the stage took up two parts to balance it out. I'm glad my friend and I didn't switch sides either, because we had the most interaction from the members. The farthest guitarist was pretty cute and Jay looked better in person than in pictures I've seen on Tumblr. I'm not sure if they threw in some new material or not, but there were some songs I didn't recognize yet people knew the words to. I'm glad they played a lot of songs from Candyass. Good mixture of everything with great presentation, attitude, and energy. The crowd was just as energetic. Sure, there were a couple assholes wanting to mosh, but failed because no one would let them have the "fun". I think I got grinded on by someone's girlfriend 'cause we got smushed toward the end, especially when they started playing "Stitches". One guy before her tried to use me for jumping purposes which ended quickly. He disappeared somewhere. The encore song was their debut/cover song "Blue Monday" with a mixture of "Spin Me Right Round". Jay decided to jump into the audience and let us sing most of the song which became chaotic, but still enjoyable. You'll see the chaos in the video and I apologize for the lack of steadiness. Lastly, here's my fail attempt of a setlist:

[no particular order]

Blue Monday/Spin Me Right Round
The Obvious
Fiction (Dreams in Digital)
Chasing Sirens

"Stitches" | a song I can never get tired of

"Blue Monday" | as mentioned before, the crowd was pretty rowdy, so excuse the shakiness

Overall, I had a lot of fun that night. The opening bands were good and One-Eyed Doll represented Austin very well. Orgy didn't make my top 5 of lives, but I'm still willing to see them again if given the chance. I'm glad I went and had such good company, it made the night a great one despite the unfortunate events going home.

FANTASMA's Handsome Guitarist

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