Thursday, April 26, 2012

Review: American Psycho

Starring: Christian Bale, Justin Theroux, Josh Lucas
Directed by: Mary Harron
Language: English
Rating: NC-17
Running Time: 102 minutes

I think around the time Christian Bale was filming this movie, I heard some interesting news about him on the set. Once the movie was released, I heard interesting things about it as well. It sounded promising and crazy, so I finally gave it a shot last weekend.

Patrick Bateman is rich and handsome man that works for Wall Street. He seems like the ideal man that can charm any woman he wants, despite him being engaged to the beautiful Evelyn Williams. While hanging out with his friends, they discuss their colleague Paul Allen who they all envy due to his success in their business. As the movie progresses, another side of Patrick is revealed. Aside from being wealthy, narcissistic, and superficially blunt about appearance, he is mentally unstable and blood thirsty and must constantly fulfill his needs to subdue these feelings inside him.

While watching this movie, I was intrigued by Christian Bale's character Patrick. I couldn't think of anyone else portraying this psychotic egoist so effortlessly. Patrick's interactions with everyone he came across was interesting and seemed believable as an unstable person. First, you see that charming side and then his blood hungry side slowly eases out smoothly. Although, I was a little frustrated that a couple of the girls thought he was charming at all, since I thought he seemed more suspicious than intriguing. His friends had a small impression on me. The detective seemed a little suspicious as well and I wished they explained how he knew what he knew throughout the movie a little more clearly. "Christy" was enjoyable to watch as her reactions and expressions seemed very realistic and I didn't feel the need to yell at her through the computer screen. Lastly, I was really annoyed with Evelyn, Patrick's fiancée. I thought she was annoying and unnecessary. Reese Witherspoon's portrayal was weak and possibly a miscast.

The story was, indeed, intriguing and it kept me watching to find out what will happen in the end with Patrick, the detective, and his secretary Jean. I really liked that the viewers were able to have mental insight on Patrick such as his daily routine, his thoughts on himself inside and out, and his unstable needs that craved to be satisfied. The settings were appropriate and I found it interesting that these high dollar businessmen were attending such a grimy night club to get their drug fix like a normal person. I think mostly everything seemed to fit the setting of this movie, especially with the music Patrick played and his lengthy explanations about them.

Surprisingly, I wasn't all that impressed or blown away by this movie. Granted it was decent, but the ending ruined it with such an unclear resolution. I'm not sure if they did that purposely for the audience to conjure ideas of what happened with Patrick and the other characters or what. The "controversial" scenes weren't too terrible either. I could tolerate them. I am happy I finally watched this movie, but it feels like there could've been more or something. I won't be reading the book or watching the sequel with Mila Kunis either. It wasn't that interesting. Anyway, if you want to see Christian Bale playing himself, then knock yourself out with this movie.

Rating: 2.5/5

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