Sunday, April 8, 2012

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos

"流星少女~Shooting Star 196X~" by SHOW-YA
I totally did not know that these ladies had something new out until I was working on a meme on my LJ. They still look as lovely as ever and their music is still beyond amazing. They haven't changed a bit, except become a little more awesome over the years. The video is fresh and exciting by mixing actual music video elements that centers around the band, then pulls us into the live performance with all the fans following along with the high energy. I can't wait to listen to GENUINE DIAMOND when I get a chance.

"SECOND" by Dazzle Vision
The last time I listened to this band, I saw so many comments saying that they missed Dazzle Vision's harsh sounds and I think they went back to that here. I love Maiko's new appearance and she hasn't lost her special vocal range of angelic singing and demonic growls. The music is very catchy and has some great transitions to it. I also enjoy the simplistic band centric setting for this PV with a few editing effects that just enhance the experience.

"Blood For Poppies" by Garbage
Yes, more female rock! Garbage is back in action and they still sound amazing. It's great that they haven't lost their sound just tweaked it enough to make it sound new and interesting yet keep Garbage fans interested. The video is very retro, black and white, but it fits this sophisticated band very well. The members still look good, especially Shirley. It seems like the 90s is slowly making a comeback on the music scene.

"R.I.P" by Rita Ora feat. Tempah
I know I posted her last time, but she released a new video recently that must be shared. Thanks to The Prophet Blog, I watched and shared this little gem. It's not extremely exciting or flashy, but it's just enough to admire Rita's natural, alluring aura. I can understand the comparison's to Rihanna, but Rita was first and I think she's actually better than Rihanna. Maybe people will get over it and give Rita the recognition she deserves to make her rise in the States. Also, I like this version more than Drake's.

"Into the New World" by SNSD
This'll probably never happen again, but I actually...legitimately like this song. This does not change my feelings toward the girls at all, but this isn't that bad. I came across this video on a Seoul Beats discussion on debuts and I clicked out of curiosity. The girls' voices were pretty strong, the choreography's decent, and the video is kinda cute. The whole feeling I get is total jpop! You can't not see that. What happened to them!?

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