Saturday, April 14, 2012

Second Chances: D'espairsRay

When I was a jrock newbie, I occasionally judged groups by their looks. Yes, I admit my shallow mistakes. Before I gave D'espairsRay a listen, I thought their sound would be too dark, gothic, and heavy for me. Because of this perception, I turned down an invitation to their first U.S. show with a couple friends. Some time passed and I decided to give them a try. I was introduced to them through a live performance of "MaVERiCK" from Beauti-fool's Fest 2003. [Fyi, the video below isn't exactly it, so...]

From there, I further explored their music, PVs, and background and became attached. At the time, "Reddish -Diva version-" and "Forbidden" were my favorite songs. Thanks to them, they shattered my perceptions and I was able to enjoy other bands like Merry and Kagerou. I was fortunate to see them live in 2008 and it's ashame they disbanded so soon. Despite their disbandment, I'm willing to support their future endeavors and wish Hizumi a full recovery.

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