Friday, April 6, 2012

Second Chances: Kiryu

Every now and then, I seek out j-indies bands to try out and Kiryu was one of them, upon their debut. Their visuals were beautiful and their sound was nice. When I listened to their first single, I believed they had potential to grow into something great.

When I got around to cleaning my collection, sometimes I back track to those j-indies bands I hardly listen to to see if I still have interest in them. I only have so much space on my external drive and I don't like wasting it on things I'm not going to keep up with. Apparently when I relistened to them on iTunes, I no longer heard talent in Kiryu. The vocals needed some work and their PVs were a bit dull despite their costumes being beautiful. So, I don't listen to them anymore and I tried to find some good from them now, but no luck.

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