Sunday, April 22, 2012

Top 5 Recommended Music Videos


Still feeling a little bitter about missing out on their performance, but it's comforting seeing that this talented trio is still producing amazing music and videos. It's a simple visual concept that speak volumes through the emotional lyrics and clever editing. It takes what was great about "Slippin' Away" and gives it a darker approach that clenches your heart immediately.

"만나" by Primary and the Messengers feat. Zion.T

So, I've listened to some music from Primary and Mild Beats as well as Primary Skool and you all know I adore Zion.T. Still crossing my fingers for a full release of something from him. Anyway, I saw this on my Tumblrdore and looked it up on YouTube. It's a fun little video with some feel good music and great vocals. The dancing girl(s) I could've lived without, but it's a very simple concept that anyone can pick up.

"Two Mary" by Baechigi

I don't think many people have heard of them before, but I listen to them a little bit. They get buried under my massive library, but thanks to my Facebook feed containing AllKpop spam, I saw this video to remind me of this duo's talent. The video concept is based off a retro video game and I thought it was extremely amusing, especially since I'm currently obsessed with watching gamers on YouTube lately. It's good to hear some fun, silly rap from South Korea.

"Tease Me" by Seo In Guk

Cutie Seo In Guk is back on the scene with a lovely little acoustic song that doesn't bore me to tears. It has just the right beat and his vocals are still stunning. I wish he would produce more material. The video has an interesting storyline that's mostly easy to follow and doesn't take away from the song either, which is great. It's quite annoying when they focus too much on one or the other.

"Alone" by Sistar

Not a fan of Sistar, but I gave this video a try since a friend commented on it. I really like it. It strays from their cutesy image to a sultry sexy one. Although, it does bring up thoughts that kpop girl groups just copy each other when they comeback. I might discuss this, but it's still in the thinking process. Despite it reminding me of miss A's "Touch" with a hint of 4Minute and Nine Muses, I still really like it and they made use of their Las Vegas time better than Big Bang did. Watch and learn, boys!

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