Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Top 6 Korean Female Rappers

This idea was inspired by seeing countless top whatever number on YouTube and being annoyed by the overwhelming kpop idol rappers in the list. Sure, I guess you can call them rappers, but they're not really what I think when it comes to rappers. You can't really picture or truly enjoy a free style by these individuals, except a couple. So, I figured, just for fun, I'd give you a list of my favorite female Korean rappers.

Top 6 Korean Female Rappers

Honorable Mentions
Yeyo - Recently I heard her on someone's YouTube countdown and the little material I heard was hit and miss, but she definitely has potential to be really good. Perhaps I can look into her music more later when I'm less overwhelmed.

Black List - I saw this duo on the same countdown as Yeyo and I'm willing to explore later as well. They have a familiar sound to them, combining fierce rapping with smooth vocals in the chorus with ease. They also bear potential and it'd be nice if I could find more of their material on YouTube, but I'll have to explore elsewhere later.

6. Rimi
I was recommended by a close friend to listen to her. When I first sampled her material, she sounded like a more improved Nicki Minaj with her flow structure and the borrowed/altered beats were very familiar from American rappers of the past. I really liked her sound, even though she was a little too vulgar at times and some tracks were way too short. Strangely, the song that hooked me to her was "Queen".

5. Ellie
I heard this fierce female in Untouchable's "Jiggy Get Down" which features several artists from the label Jiggy Fellaz. When I heard her lines, I was stunned. She was just as, if not harder than the other guys in the group. Unfortunately, it's really hard finding solo material of hers, but it looks like she's in a flop kpop girl group called EXID. I think she's wasting her talent with them.

4. Miss $
I kept scrolling past this name when I was looking for miss A songs, so I decided to give them a chance and I loved what I heard. I'm guessing they started as a trio and currently they're a duo. Either way, I love how they've grown and I was pleased with Miss Terious, especially with the addition of a cover of my favorite track by Block B. Not only are these girls great rappers, but they show versatility by featuring elements that work well for dramas and beautiful ballads that stand out from the generic.

3. Gilme
I first saw this lovely woman in a Double K music video on Mnet, I believe. The song was pretty catchy, then the same friend who recommended Rimi to me pointed her out. So, I watched "Love is War" and I was more clearly impressed with her skills, especially since her and Outsider blended effortlessly in the song. No one was left behind and their chemistry wasn't awkward. I further looked into her album and I was happy, then the birth of Clover arose and my love for her deepened. Thus proves that females can express sorrowful emotions and still be strong.

2. e.via
I guess I discovered this ridiculously cute young lady while I was delving into the Korean rap genre and I'm glad I did. I was already impressed by speed rapper Outsider, but now there's a female equivalent. OMFG! Apparently, she's been having some censorship issues, but who could deny that cute face and those amazing, sonic speed flow. I love her and I wish there was more too.

1. T (Tasha)
Yeah, this was a very obvious one. I think I stumbled upon Queen T the same way I did e.via. I scooped up majority of her discography and I was amazed by the deep emotion and soul she put into her music. Whether it was something hard and cocky or sorrowful and pure, she had versatility and passion with her craft. Not only does her skills stand out for me, but the amount of respect other rappers have for her and the fact that she is half African American as well is admirable. I'm still crossing my fingers for that comeback and/or something flawless from SUNZOO.

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